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righteve i'm doing the thing at." >> i am relieved, pleased for the county, and delighted we are at the end of a rather troubling set of circumstances on the threshold of opportunities to do some very good things. >> leopold was convicted tuesday of misconduct in office. they consider the trial rather bizarre. testimony included sexual trysts and force insubordinate to change got his catheter back after surgery. they described his behavior as "outrageous, egregious, and beyond any authority he had." sentencing is scheduled. there were scheduled to take a vote tonight on removing leopold immediately. new at 6, whether that boat is even necessary. live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> ravens fans braving the snow and cold support the team in an early-morning rally. it got a lot of a national attention. >> on this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show when it comes to their team, they are true blue. >> called but fun. >> hundreds backing the amphitheater for the wbal today show rally starting with a broadcast at 5:00 and continue continuing through "today." all morning, ava marie showed natalie how to do ray lewis's dance. >> i think i got it down. it's pretty basic. it's all about the emotion. >> this was part of a bet with "today" whether man, al broker. if they win a comment he will be
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dressing up as the raven. if the 49 ers win, morales will dress up as a miner. >> they started setting up and we were showing up by 4:30 ready to show that the ravens spirit as well and alive. >> it is impressive. i did not think people would show up because of this note. >> it takes more than snow to keep these fans a home. even mayor stephanie rawlings blake helped kick of the largest purple friday in years. >> it's great. we have the best fans ever in the whole world. >> we have super fans. >> super fans ready for a super bowl championship. wbal-tv 11 news. >> of course, today was a big day for the harbaugh brothers. they did their first joint press conference. >> it was really interesting. pete gilbert was there and he
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filed this report. >> hey there. it was very interesting to see the way these guys all week long have done their best but the impetus on the players. today, they took the spotlight. at least one of them seemed to enjoy a lot of it. brothers, yes. identical? not close. look at the mannerisms before the historic press conference. john, smiling and relaxed. jim, nervously chewing his nails. >> a normal friday practice. we will move on from there. it's your turn. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. i would work for him, sure. >> i concur. what's less operable commonalities? i would be hard-pressed to spell
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"philosophical." >> there give-and-take proved as natural as the idea they have both become coaches. sunday night, one will suffer a loss in there will be no hard feelings. >> on sunday, the possibility to take away a dream of his to the fill your own, is that hard? >> no. not at all. i suspect he feels the same way. the brothers will be army side line. that will be the band of brothers on the sideline. >> he has earned some much credit for mauled and his boys into a world class coaches, but do not forget the mother -- credit for holding his boys. >> can you think of one or two things you have learned from your mother that you applied in your coaching career? [laughter] >> she made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what.
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>> indeed, it was a collective effort for the harbaugh's. it was clear that john led the way from start to finish at the older brother. now he hopes to have the lead, sunday night at the superdome. i have seen a whole lot of ravens bands wandering around. many of had -- many of them have finally made their way to new orleans. jennifer franciotti caught up with some of them. >> it's part of friday. we kicked off with 98 rock and bacon and beer in the french quarter. >> it is the friday before the super bowl. ♪ >> the ravens and some in louisiana is a beautiful thing. some fans drove all night to get here. everyone is fired up for super bowl sunday. >> the only world -- the only
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word to describe this is epic. >> i decide to do it again. >> i cannot wait. ray lewis in his last game, it's fantastic. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. >> ravens bandar are everywhere in new orleans where purple pride dominates. the big easy easily looking a lot like baltimore. >> there is a lot of purple down here. you are not seeing a lot of gold and red. >> i'm excited. we are going to win. >> are you seeing purple everywhere? >> the entire french quarter is rooting for the ravens. it's absolutely exciting. >> its a home game. of everyone has been so welcoming. it's great here. >> recorder back? we've got your number. >> all of this purple converging on the superdome sunday. in the big easy, jennifer
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franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what's also interesting, one website did a study for fans making their way to new orleans. more than two to one, ravens fans out weighing in finding out whether they could make it and cost. the ravens can expect a little bit of a home field advantage on sunday. live in new orleans, but pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 news clips from new orleans to baltimore, the ultimate purple friday. >> we watched this morning on "today." rob roblin is out watching the fans going crazy. >> it started early this morning at the inner harbor. "today" was in town and natalie was here to kick of the purple friday before the super bowl. natalie even tried these choral dance with ava. it was purple friday everywhere.
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tied point was all decked out and in very stylish ravens colors to show their support. >> this is our home town. we love our ravens. >> down at the state house in annapolis, our elected officials were showing their purple pride. >> what time is it? >> game time. >> what time is it? >> game time. >> who is going down? >> these guys are all purple, young or old. everyone loves the ravens. >> give me an r! give me an a! give me a v! >> ravens!! >> in townsend, there is a big crowd for a big rally. along with some ravens
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cheerleaders, everyone is behind their team. >> i'm so excited. we are trying to go all the way. there is no doubt. it's our year. >> ravens are going to pull it off. ray lewis is motivated. this is flacco's year. >> we're going to do it. i wish i was there. everybody does. >> 35-40 ravens. >> signing autographs, former ravens great michael mccrery from the 2000 super bowl team. he is confident ravens will do the job on sunday. >> talk about a team that has kept something going, with the heart and the passion to fight through anything. the ravens are a perfect example. >> that was rob roblin reporting on a very excited purple friday in baltimore. we will be checking back in with rob and our crew in new orleans threw out the hour.
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>> tragedy in frederick. two young sister dead as this home is destroyed. >> plus, an investigation into a dead the double shooting in edgewood. how they think the teenagers were cornered. >> a messy morning commute out there thanks to the snow. i'm kim dacey with the details coming up. >> we are likely to see more >> we are likely to see more
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>> wow hartford county sheriff's department shutting lights and i on a double shooting in edgewood. 17-year-old michael kearins and christopher cousins were in the recreational park when they were approached by a group of people and shot multiple times. kearins was killed but cousins is in guarded condition at shock trauma. anyone with information should contact police right away. this is all but is left of a frederick county, agreed that in late night fire that trapped and killed two sisters. they're looking for any possible clues on the cause. all they know is that 6-year-old sophie and her sister meghan but died of smoke inhalation.
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blame's broke out around 11:00 class night. -- the flames broke out around 11. commuters are across the baltimore area running into wet weather this morning. just as many of them work heading to work, this was the view along 695 and the national pie this morning. it took some people twice as long just to get to work this morning -- 695 and the national pike. take a look at this picture. the snow started falling as the buses started to roll causing this bus to fishtail on sullivan wrote in westminster. from 9:00-eleven o'clock this morning, there were 69 accidents reported to carroll county alone. most of them work rather -- were weather-related. >> the number of districts delayed class's this morning.
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>> kim dacey was monitoring the roads all of this morning and she explains that the storm's timing was key. >> the morning commute was going smoothly until the 6:00 hour. that is when thes five snow started to fall covering rooftops and sticking it to the road. the timing could not have been worse. >> it's a little inconvenient for people who have to get downtown. "that rush-hour, this is dangerous. >> it was hazardous especially on secondary roadways with hundreds of accidents scattered through the area. >> everyone was sliding. it's slippery. everywhere you go, they are the sliding around. it's a very slippery. >> cars are out of control. you have to go slow. >> state highway officials say they opened the operations at
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1:00 a.m. and sent out trucks where needed. the snow came on quickly leaving the sidewalks and the roads treacherous. >> its slippery and i am being careful because i don't want to fall. >> they were still salting the parking lots and sidewalks to make conditions safer as conditions started to improve. >> i got in mostly clear. >> the snowstorm was short-lived and hopefully we're in for a better evening commute. in north baltimore, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the snow, a lot of people by surprise this morning. -- the snow caught a lot of people by surprise. >> the timing, as kim was saying, if you get a little of snow like that in the middle of the day, who cares? a dusting of snow during the rush hour on a friday? this is of the radar booked early this morning when we were
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talking about is moving through. moving quickly to the east over central maryland and some spots to the south and east, the eastern shore and parts of anne arundel county and over towards dover, the snow was moderate to heavy at times. they picked up quite a bit in the locations. this was at 4:30 a.m. watch how quickly it zips out of there. for most of the day, the story with the wind and cold on the back side of the departing, fast-moving system. how much snow? typically about 0.5-1 inch. officially at bwi marshall airport, there reported only a trace of snow. not sure how that happened, but that is the official. dover, delaware, almost 6 inches.
5:18 pm
certainly the main impact was south of baltimore and moving quickly through the area. behind the storm, a shot of cold there. 31 was the high today. 42 is the normal. 26 is below so far, but we will go below that before midnight. 25 right now at the airport. 27 in easton. look at the cold out west. packing quite a bit of snow out west. it is just barely -- bitterly cold. when the study of 14 there. 25 mile per hour in frederick -- the wind is steady at 14. add in the wind to the cold and it feels like 8 below zero in oakland. it feel like single digits to the north and west of baltimore and logue team's on the upper eastern shore. -- low teens on the eastern
5:19 pm
shore. the wind will thankfully be diminishing. slowing down to about 5-50 m.p.h.. sunset at 5:27 p.m. a little bit of a wind chill the doctor in early in the evening. one clipper meeting -- when the clippers leaving. around iowa and up into southern minnesota, a new one is taking shape almost identical to the last one. it will come out of the upper midwest through the ohio river valley and sleep in here. if you liked this morning, look for it again tomorrow night into sunday morning. one system leaving, a new one forming. the trend of weak revenue -- week weather systems will be moving through. we will remain locked into the cold arctic air mass over central and eastern united states. clearing up tomorrow.
5:20 pm
late afternoon, maybe a flurry, but past sunset before the next patchen's no really developed. light snow showers into sunday -- before the next patch of snow really develops. this weather pattern is locking in the cold air with fast- moving a little weather disturbances embedded. heights tomorrow, 27-32. the chances for snow will increase as we head towards sunset tomorrow evening. on the day, went out of the southwest not nearly as strong as today. -- on the bay. they water temperatures over 30's. head into the mountains for a ski weekend? you pick a good one. an additional two to 4 inches tomorrow. high temperatures will not even reached 20. only about 21 with additional snow showers on sunday. after a warm week, they're
5:21 pm
looking to some good, snow reconditioned up and down the appellation mountains. scattered snow showers and up the coast, including maryland and delaware, the flurries will hold off until tomorrow night. showers and snow on sunday with maybe some rain mixed in. temperature near the beach climbing to 38 on sunday. the insta-weather + seven-day -- 38 is the high tomorrow after a low of 13. a chance for snow again. maybe an inch or two in spots. scattered snow showers continuing into sunday afternoon. partially cloudy monday. more showers tuesday and wednesday. finally, climbing into the 40's wednesday and thursday of next week. >> that's a heat wave. another mayoral wager or the super bowl. >> this will make one team's community a better place. >> i'm jayne miller live downtown. the judge expressed his "great
5:22 pm
concern about the evidence [ regina ] i got it when we could download an hd movie
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>> the game sunday is being looked at as flacco vs. kaepernick and harbaugh on harbaugh. >> today it was rawlings-blake vs lee. they announce their bet live on "today," and this is all about charity and crabs. >> this wager and balls community service. >> it involves a little bit of seafood and a lot of service. wendy is here from americorps with all of our volunteers. i want to thank the member getting in so early. i cannot wait to host you when we win. >> we're going to get mayor rawlings blake. she works hard in the national mayors' conference. she's a great leader. she will be here eating crab.
5:26 pm
i've got my right ear. ready to go. this is done just crabs. -- dungeness crab. >> i've got yours right here. >> back to you. >> me the best city women. >> i'm pretty sure we're doing this see him wearing purple and partaking of some blue crabs right here in baltimore. bring it on. the plan on driving around sunday, get ready for big crowds and lots of road closures. city police increasing officers at the harbor, federal help, as they plan for super bowl sunday. keep in mind that means dwi units as well. dances. the major clout -- major crown starting early in people celebrating in the streets. we will have a listing of closures on our website, >> after days of testimony, it
5:27 pm
is the defense's turn to take the reins in the felicia barnes murder case. >> could dickies be weaker there
5:28 pm
law >> i've, local, late breaking. -- >> live. are watching wbal-tv 11 news this damn stovall, donna hamilton, chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer and sky team 11 covering breaking news relive.
5:29 pm
wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> the state is resting in the murder case after calling 33 witnesses. they're wrapped up their case today against michael johnson, the man accused of killing north carolina teenager barnes. >> the judge expressed great concern. jayne miller joins us live up to circuit court downtown. the the prosecution in trouble? -- is the prosecution in trouble? >> the judge expressed concern and nearly threw the case out about an hour ago. this concern is about the evidence in the case, or the lack thereof. it relies heavily on the word of a career criminal who testified that michael johnson called him on the day that barnes does appear to help him get rid of the body. there is no telephone records to confirm that account. also today, more evidence before
5:30 pm
the state wraps up to push the theory that barnes body was put into a storage bin. the neighbor michael johnson testifying on the day she disappeared that he sought jobs and working hard to move able to storage been out of the northwest baltimore apartment where he once lived. he was sweating, the neighbor said. i offered to help, he said he was ok. the storage bin is a key elements of the case. they want the jury to believe that he put her body in the bin and dump it somewhere along the susquehanna river. jurors saw a video of him walking out of the store carrying a big income but none has been recovered. the neighbor did not say what time you saw them moving and it admits he did not know what was in it or where they were taking in. they wanted to have someone from in to show it was big enough to
5:31 pm
hold someone of that size. have no evidence to put him no. 2 where he would have to be dead in the river. a sharp -- they tried to show he was familiar with hartford, county. his and the not live near the area where the body was found. they heard a phone call that the defendant made from jail on monday night after the trial had started to a female friend. on the call, barely audible, johnson can be heard talking about the case, bits and pieces, and can be heard laughing. the defense called it irrelevant. the prosecution has a route, the defense will start monday morning. it was a close call for prosecutors of the judge expressed his great concern about the evidence. i'm jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an update now on the breaking news we told you about. john leopold is no longer anne arundel's chief executive.
5:32 pm
this comes days after he was found guilty of misconduct in office for having a secretary of the his catheter back after surgery. he was automatically suspended earlier this week and today he submitted his resignation in iraq -- a letter to the acting chief executive. >> for the past six days, we have been bringing you live team coverage of the trip to new orleans. we will take you back to the big easy. gerry sandusky, the voice of the ravens, and the rest of our broadcast team have been giving us great coverage. it has looked at this whole experience through the eyes of a player. >> from press conference to practice. >> our guys are excited for football and they're prepared to attack this day with an enthusiasm -- >> from media day to multi- lingual media.
5:33 pm
>> the one that took away from my first super bowl is you do not want to walk away not holding the trophy. it is something that sits with you. for me, it has a bug me since that day. >> from the arrival in new orleans to the arrival of super bowl weekend, the heck of a similar chorus. do what it takes, whatever it takes, to make sunday a date for legacy, not regrets. "no one remembers the loser in the super bowl. are not trying to knock on anyone. "it's all said and done, you want to win. >> down the ravens are going to the super bowl. >> a lot of storybook ending is, but for me, how else would i rather go out than to be on the biggest stage ever giving everything i've got for my teammates and touched the lombardi trophy? >> this game has been a story
5:34 pm
line for miniseries. the end of the road for ray lewis. >> we know we did everything in my power and i spent every second vote is in on winning this game. for me, that's one heck of a way to go out. >> super bowl and the super players. >> last year, we felt we had a really good chance of making it to the super bowl. i was like, this is what is superbowl team looks like. >> fires in. caught. touching down. no! their world in holding on to the ball. >> was reminded in new england that you do not know what the team looks like because you have never been. >> joe flacco and the word "elite." >> it's a good problem to have than to be talking about. >> homecoming for jones. >> i can visit my family, my son. we're just here to relax, you
5:35 pm
know? it's some good coming down home heating whenever i want. >> more family angles than "the waldens." >> never take jim lightly in anything. expect the best of all times. >> the and the non this story will come down to making plays, big ones, small ones, and up to produce enough points to make the ravens sideline seem like a mardi gras. >> anquan boldin -- touchdown, ravens. >> plays that will live forever along with reputations captured in the evolving american storybook we called the super bowl. >> i feel the weight of 1 million ravens band on my shoulders and want to deliver them insuperable. it is for my legacy as an owner, john's legacy as a coach. >> that with gerry sandusky reporting. we hope you'll join us again tonight at 7:30 for the
5:36 pm
countdown special. we have today's big news as a go forward to the ultimate shot down -- show down. >> back in baltimore, the ultimate purpose of friday's celebration of. >> rob roblin is live and where the it fans are -- [deafening screams] >> fired up and ready for the game on sunday. we just could not go down to new orleans. ready for the game? be ready? our going to win? this place is packed. all the way back over there. everyone is screaming and yelling. the whole place is like this. the whole state like this. this is a part of friday like i have never seen before. the youngest stars. there they are.
5:37 pm
>> this is a lot of fun. i was talking to michael mccurry earlier today. he is seeing people so happy and having fun for this team. reporting live, robert roblin. back to you. >> they look like they're having a magnificent time out there. >> coming up, much more news. another american embassy is on attack overseas. >> turkish of bushels believe they know who may be responsible. -- turkish officials believe they know.
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5:40 pm
>> covering the role tonight, a dramatic scene caught on tape in northern china. watch as they raise to rescue two children out of it fell through ice to plunge into the frozen river below. they heard the shouts of the
5:41 pm
kids, ages 7 and 6. a steel worker jumped into action to save them. the emergency workers are arrived to help him bring the kids out of the icy water. tonight, the doctors said they are in good condition. the obama administration is calling the suicide bombing in turkey an act of terror. it happened at the security checkpoint. one turkish a guard was killed, but no americans were injured. it has given rise to more questions about diplomatic security. >> these are the sort of things that remind us that the problem is not over. >> u.s. officials say so far, they do not know who is responsible, but the turkish authorities believe they are a member of a radical leftist terror group and may have been in retaliation for rest and some of the members two weeks ago. >> the blast happened on the same day secretary of state hillary clinton is leaving her
5:42 pm
job at the state department, but not without a final coat at her critics. not livings they are in a cloak evidence-based world ." in their refusal is regrettable to except the statement. she says that will not affect any decisions about her political future. succeeding her as a senator john kerry. religious nonprofit groups are getting more leeway to opt out of providing health insurance to provide coverage for birth control. one source of the organizations will be allowed to push the responsibility of covering contraceptives over to a third party. the religious groups say that it violated their religious beliefs. >> still ahead, millions of bottles of two popular cold medications are being pulled from shelves of the worst possible time.
5:43 pm
>> the dangerous mistake that has tram and neck -- triamenic and theraflu on recall. >> there really know something about the art of putting on a super bowl. >> ravens nation has taken over the big easy. >> cold temperatures and weekend snow. the insta-
5:44 pm
>> here is a look at what we're working on 311 news at 6. john leopold resigning as anne arundel county executive. we're live with breaking news. the harbaugh brothers takes stage together two days before
5:45 pm
they face up in the super bowl. these and much more for you
5:46 pm
[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> we're going to check in with 11 sports director and the voice of the ravens, gerry sandusky. >> along with mindy basara and the rest of the team. we have to assume it was through the roof for energy. >> mentioned earlier the purple is one of the primary colors of mardi gras. this is painted purple -- for all friday. about mardieven gras. everywhere you looked, there is
5:47 pm
someone wearing a ravens year. >> one great moment have been a few minutes ago. he was walking in a huge crowd of people and they had one of his children on his shoulder. random fans are mangling all- around man had no idea they were right next to one of the ravens. i started to say hello, then i realized i would not ruin his perfectly normal moment. >> the harbaugh's were doing some shopping today and having a great time. everyone is excited for sunday. i feel like half the town as year. >> you get the feeling the ravens fans will outnumber them six or eight to one when they line up against the forty- niners. >> everyone i have spoken to here is: 40 ravens. >> the saints are an nfc team.
5:48 pm
they're going to root for the ravens. suddenly, this is their second home and the players are in preparations and they have had their last practice. tomorrow, and in norwalk through the superdome and then sunday, kick off. we are two days away from super bowl xlvii. by the time that arrives, new orleans will be set to explode. >> coming up in low but, i will show you some of the fabulous art. -- coming up in a little bit, i will show you the art. >> what happens when the team decided that it is time to sequester them, keep them off the streets, keep them from getting in trouble? let's shut it down and focus on just the game. >> that will happen tomorrow. you will not see them around town.
5:49 pm
we have not heard anything about them being out at night. anquan boldin, ray lewis, jones, they have all said they are not going out. they said they would do it next week. this is a work week. the only players decided that have been around this time of day with their families. those are the only player sightings we have seen away from the practice field. this team is very much ready. >> one woman really wanted to run into ray lewis but we told her it was not going to happen. [laughter] >> and gerry sandusky, mindy basara, thank you. now you're 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> in new orleans, temperatures were in the 40's, other chilly start to the day down there. partially cloudy skies a.m. 62,
5:50 pm
currently in new orleans. if you are getting out of town and heading down to the gulf coast, you were lucky. temperatures tomorrow and sunday low of 45-50 with highs in the 60's. here-we are locked into the cold. earlier this upton and some of the low was 26, but we have since dropped down to 25. 5 degrees in western maryland. but the gusting wind, the wind chill makes it feel like 12 below out in garrett county. really cold air is settling in. 18 downtown. clear to partially cloudy skies. the good news is that the wind will die down to 5-15 miles per hour. a new system forming out over the western plains states and will follow just about the same path and bring a chance for a reason to wear. tomorrow night. the seven-day forecast calls by the coal to continue. -- cold to continue.
5:51 pm
>> some slightly positive news for the american economy today. the first jobs report of the new year shows more jobs were added, but not quite enough to lower the unemployment rate. the jobless rate creeping back up to 7.9%. analysts are not expecting a major shift anytime soon. >> i do not think anything fundamentally has changed and i agree we are not going anywhere fast until businesses kick in. >> we added 157,000 jobs. they said there is reason to be excited about the increase in construction, a sign of long- term investment. let's look at how stocks are reacting. the dollar saw gains close to 100 points today while the nasdaq finished up 57 -- 37 and beat the s&p also finishing it
5:52 pm
in the positive. bottles of caught in cold syrup are being recalled because of the potential that child safety caps could fail. navarti issues but a voluntary recall. four children were able to get past the child-resistant caps. the medicines containing acetaminophen. large amounts could cause liver damage for children. there were manufactured before january of last year. >> john leopold beating the county council to the punch. the embattled county executive resigning today effective immediately. we all live in annapolis with the late breaking details. >> i am in the basara live in new orleans. the food is wonderful but so is the art. a live report coming up. [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
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>> we have seen how wild and crazy new orleans can get. there is another side to the crescent city. mindy basara during the slide on the subject that a lot of people have the vehicle to mastering, the subject of art. there are lots of street artists here. what did you find? >> it is so true. we find the food fabulous, but i headed to jackson square for the sights and sounds to soothe
5:56 pm
the soul. ♪ [ "creole march"] ♪ >> jackson square, a feast for the senses. it takes you to another place. >> it's a wonderful. it is unique to the city. it's a great time. you get to really meet the artists pharmacy there working. it's fabulous. >> behind each of these artists is a story. he chooses to make something beautiful from tattered debris left by devastating hurricanes. >> this painting here has a branch i found all the banks of the mississippi river. what your looking at here is a child's desktop. then you are looking at par from a house. there are a lot of items that i find are really tattered.
5:57 pm
i even do reconstruction to save the items. going through storms and the hard ship, it is similar to our lives. we have to piece it back together no matter what the damages. >> the positive by the comes alive in new orleans. like a catchy tune, it stays with you. >> it is always a celebration of life. they are always up be. they are always having a good time. ♪ down in new orleans >> i just cannot get that tune out of my head. my granddaughter for and i had a wonderful afternoon down in jackson square. i'm heading back tomorrow. i have to have one of those pieces. for complete sabol coverage from the ravens broadcast team, had to our website where you can read previews of the super bowl matchup and look at slide shows the head of the big game.
5:58 pm that is at present by the car. here's a look at what's coming up at 6. go ravens. >> john leopold says with great sadness and personal regret he is resigning as anne arundel county executive. >> i rob roblin and. it's part of friday. these parents aren't ready. ravens. we have a live report. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> after being found guilty of misconduct in office, john leopold resigned today. >> the news came late this afternoon. leopold was convicted on tuesday and automatically suspended from office. david, and the live in annapolis with the late breaking details. >> this is john leopold's 3 paragraph letter dated january
5:59 pm
31st. he says, "he made the decision of great sadness," but stopped short of issuing an apology. "i and knowledge the serious errors that i made, but i do not want this to prevent a strike the county to move forward in a positive way the go they say he did the right thing and expressed relief at being at the end of a rather troubling set of circumstances. >> dealing with a resolution for the resignation of the vacancy, it's no longer necessary and we will go through the administrative process of withdrawing that bill. we will announce that that point, probably even before that, with the schedules will be for us to start scheduling public interviews and that will trigger the day when we start the vote to select a replacement. >> a number people are >> a number people are interested in finishing his t
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